Rent a car by the hour through
Hertz 24/7

Imagine having the convenience of a car without the monthly payment – in other words, being able to jump in the car when you need it and only paying for the time that you use it.

Through carsharing, this level of convenience and savings can be a reality. Thanks to Hertz 24/7, 12 vehicles are available in Downtown Orlando to help you reThink your commute.

So What Is It Exactly?

Carsharing is hourly car rental. You rent the car by an hour, with hourly fees starting at $8 – including fuel and insurance.

How Hertz 24/7 Works

  • Enroll for free at Driver’s age 18+ with a good driving record may qualify.
  • Reserve a car when you need it on your smart phone or online at
  • After you receive your vehicle entry device, activate it at a local Hertz office. (The Downtown Orlando location is at 139 S. Orange Avenue, on the first floor of the Chase Plaza.)
  • Use your vehicle entry device to unlock your reserved car and go!
  • When you’re done, return the car to the same location.

Carsharing Makes Sense

  • Carsharing means you can get where you need to go on your schedule. It allows you to get to places that the bus or train simply can’t go.
  • Owning a vehicle costs a lot of money. Americans spend more than $9,000 a year on their personal vehicles, but for most of us, our cars sit in parking spaces all day long. With carshare, you only pay when you are actually using the vehicle.
  • By offering an alternative to personal car ownership, carsharing programs also help the environment by getting cars off the road, meaning fewer emissions.
  • Every carsharing vehicle can replace up to 14 vehicles. This means less cars on the road overall – which leads to less congestion and better air quality for all of us.
  • Get the car that meets your needs. By offering a variety of vehicles, carsharing allows you to use a larger car when you need to pick up large items or an economy car when you’re looking for a great deal.
  • Test-drive the best! Carsharing vehicles are the latest models with the latest conveniences.

I’m Excited – When Is It Coming to My Neighborhood?

The Central Florida Carshare Program launched in 2013 with six locations across Downtown Orlando. Two vehicles are stationed at each location, meaning there are 12 total vehicles available for hourly rentals.

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The program is operated by Hertz 24/7. Enroll for free at their website today!

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