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Employer ServicesLet your employees know that you understand the challenges they face by helping them reThink their commute to work.

Promoting a new way to get to work can not only help you solve parking challenges at your worksite, it can solve the issue that affects all of us: how to get the most out of our paychecks.

As a Central Florida employer, you hold the key to decreasing congestion, improving air quality, and conserving natural resources. By looking at the way your employees travel – whether it’s to and from work or how everyone gets to that off-site meeting – you can help improve everyone’s quality of life while also saving your company a lot of money.

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If you’re interested in taking the lead in making a better future for Central Florida, then reThink can help you along the way.

Let reThink Help You Put Your Best Foot Forward

Contact us today to reThink the way your company approaches transportation challenges. We have many programs and services to set you on the right path.

  • Worksite Transportation Assessment
    This free service provides information on the commute options available in your area, as well as evaluates the potential savings and impacts to your company’s carbon footprint by promoting alternative modes of transportation.
  • Employee Transportation Assessment
    We can analyze your employees’ commuting habits, providing a comprehensive summary of our findings. This free service identifies which employees could benefit from alternative modes by identifying potential carpool or vanpool groups, as well as matching commuters with available bus and rail routes.
  • Commute Trip Reduction Programs
    Reduce TripsWe can develop Employee Commute Trip Reduction programs that will help your company decrease your impacts on the community, as well as save money for you and your employees. By working directly with you, the employer, a plan can be developed on how to effectively change the commuting habits of your employees.

    If your business is expected to mitigate its transportation impacts on the surrounding community, this is a great place to start. Working with reThink can help set your Mobility Plan on the road to success!
  • FREE Training for Employee Transportation Coordinators
    A plan is only as effective as the team implementing it! We work with you to identify Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs) at your worksite and train them to be effective Alternative Commute Leaders.

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If your company is already providing a comprehensive transportation benefits program, let us know! You may qualify as one of the nation’s Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC).

Designation as one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters aligns your business with other top companies that have taken the lead in addressing their employees’ transportation challenges. This elite group of leaders has developed programs for their employees that reduce their impact on the environment and their company’s bottom line. Find out more about these top businesses today.

If you meet the Standard of Excellence, you can apply for designation through the BWC website. The reThink team can assist you with your application, helping you determine if you meet the guidelines.

Meeting the Standard of Excellence

In order to qualify as one of the top workplaces across the nation, your company must offer a transportation benefits program. This can be done in a variety of ways.

  • Subsidize the cost of a transit pass or vanpool expenses
  • Offer a pre-tax program, allowing employees to set aside their own money to pay for transit or vanpool expenses
  • Establish a telecommuting or compressed work week program that significantly decreases your employees’ commute trips
  • Instead of paying for employee parking, offer that money to pay for alternative ways to get to work
  • Provide an Emergency Ride Home program – by working with reThink, your business can automatically receive points in this category
  • Help employees find carpool partners – reThink can take care of this one too! Partnering with reThink adds points to your qualifications.
  • Create your own solution that helps reduce traffic, improve air quality, and offers your employees significant savings

If you’re not quite there yet, we can help you surpass the requirements and take the lead in building an even better Central Florida. Contact us today at 1-866-610-RIDE (7433) or by e-mail to get started.

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By sharing the ride to work, your employees will already be saving a lot of money. As their employer, you can help them save even more!

Under Section 132(f)(2)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code – known as Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits – employers can offer “Commuter Tax Benefits.” This program saves the employer payroll-related taxes, as well as saving the employee money on federal income taxes.

Commuter Tax Benefit Programs

  • Employer Covers the Cost
    Employers can offer their employees up to $130* a month to pay for a transit pass or vanpool expenses. There is also an option to reimburse employees up to $20 a month for qualified bicycling commute expenses.

    If you were to provide this amount to your employees as additional income, your company would be taxed on it. By providing the money as a Commuter Tax Benefit, your company is able to take a tax deduction.
  • Allow Employees to Set Aside Money Pre-Tax
    This option is similar to setting money aside to pay for health expenses. The employer allows employees to use pre-tax income (up to $130 a month*) to pay for a transit pass or to cover vanpool expenses.

    Allowing your employees to designate part of their income as “pre-tax” lowers the amount your company pays on payroll taxes.
  • Work Together
    Offering both options is a great way to make Commuter Tax Benefits a reality at your workplace.

    If your company is not ready to foot the whole bill – even with the great tax deduction! – the employer can provide a small subsidy and allow employees to set aside the difference through the pre-tax option.
  • Parking Cash-Out Program
    If your company is paying for your employees to park their cars during the day, consider offering that money directly to your employees instead.

    You can offer employees up to $130* a month – in place of their free parking space – to use on alternative transportation to work. Your business receives a tax deduction and saves over offering an increase of the same amount in gross income.

*Benefit limits are subject to changes of the IRS tax code. As of November 2013, the limit for tax-free transit and vanpool benefits was decreased to $130 a month for the tax year starting in 2014; the tax free parking benefit was increased to $250 a month.

You will need to work with a tax professional to work out the tax details of the program and how they will affect your company.

The reThink team can help along the way – especially in getting the word out to your employees! Contact us today by e-mail or at 1-866-610-RIDE (7433) to get started.

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Concerned about liability if your company offers and promotes these great transportation options?

According to F.S. 768.091 – Employer liability limits; ridesharing – “no employer shall be liable for injuries or damage … because such employer provides information or incentives to, or otherwise encourages, employees to participate in rideshare agreements. …”

For the full text of this Florida Statute, please visit the Online Sunshine website.